About The Safari Concierge

Welcome to The Safari Concierge. We will assist you to create your ultimate safari adventure in Southern Africa.

Whether you are looking at traveling to Botswana or Namibia, South Africa or Zimbabwe, as experienced travel planners and guides our team offers expert and no-nonsense advice on where to go, when to go, where to stay, what to do and what to bring…Everything you need to know about creating your own personal safari adventure.

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Why use The Safari Concierge?

Whether you are traveling with your partner or family, your colleagues or with a friend; we advice you on the best accommodations and tours, suited to meet your expectations and budget.  From funky AirBNB stays to five-star suites in Cape Town, from glamping in Botswana to roughing it in Namibia. Travel with The Safari Concierge from the winelands in the Western Cape to the VicFalls in Zimbabwe….

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The knowledge and network TSC brings made our whole holiday even better
than we could imagine. We’ll be back! – Gerben & Remi


“A true safari is all encompassing; it’s about the wildlife, the destination, the comfort and the people. We don’t believe one is more important than the other. Imagine the perfect sunset while sipping on a gin & tonic. But the ice and lemon are missing… that doesn’t make sense, does it?”


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