You will find the most amazing places to stay in South Africa, whether it’s in the city or in the bush. Combine these places to experience the ultimate South African journey.

Explore Cape Town from it’s finest hotel and stay at a working wine-farm in the wine lands. Go searching for the Big5 on the water and start your land-safari in the Overberg region before flying off to Johannesburg to experience some proper bush-time. If you are keen on doing more safari, we can easily combine a safari in the Sabi Sands with one in the Kalahari for you. A beach finish? Mozambique is your answer. 

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Day 1-3 – Cape Town Buzz

The perfect start of your South African discovery starts in Cape Town. A relaxed city with good vibes. Here you can acclimatise and take some rest after your (long) flight.

Stay: Book with The Safari Concierge, and you can rest assured you are staying in the best accommodation Cape Town has to offer. With a view on Table Mountain, a service like you have never experienced before and one of the best restaurants in town.

Do: There is so much to see and to do in Cape Town! Climb Table Mountain is a first on your ‘to do’ list. You never know when it clouds over! If preferred we can arrange a guide to take you up the majestic mountain. The views from the top are simply amazing and give you a great perspective on the city. On warm days, a visit to the beach is compulsory. There are many beautiful beaches just outside of Cape Town. Learn a bit more about the history and culture by taking a guided tour into one of the townships and  enjoy good food and wines (or craft beers) on basically every corner. We will give you a dedicated to do list if you book through The Safari Concierge and can make reservations at the top restaurants for you.


We will always book you a room with a view.

Day 3 -5 Wining & Dining

Time for some wining & dining. Head to one of the small towns in the winelands, a completely different atmosphere to the busy and buzzing Cape Town. Stay here on the right days and you’ll hit small farmers-markets. We will gladly help you find the little wineries where you can taste amazing wines.

Stay: There are some pretty amazing places here, one of them is in between two little towns – stay in a sleek design suite while experiencing the life on a working wine farm.

Do: There is one thing that you cannot miss when you go to the wine lands and that is some proper wine-tastings. And if you don’t want to vote for a designated driver…why not take a bicycle or a tram(!!) to get around?


Stay at remarkable places in the heart of the wine-lands.

Day 5-7 Whale watching

Travel in the right season to South Africa, and you will be up for a show! Hermanus is known for some of the worlds best whale spotting. And we can only agree. With a bit of luck you don’t need to jump in a heli or on a boat but can see (mostly) Southern Right Whales giving away a show right in front of your eyes.

Stay: We have had the pleasure of staying in the heart of Hermanus and on the other side of Walker Bay. On the other side of Walker Bay its more quiet, which we like but apparently the whales do too! We know a great place, where you stay on an exclusive all-inclusive basis…. Almost all your activities and meals are included which makes for a worry-free stay that will bring you memories that last a lifetime.

Do: Well….not too much besides spotting those giants! If you are adventurous you can go kayaking and if just seeing whales is not enough, this area is also renowned for cage-diving so you can ‘enjoy’ an up close and personal encounter with the Great White Shark.

Morukuru Ocean House

Having the whales all to yourself.

Day 7-8 Johannesburg

Time to fly to the other side of the country! Johannesburg is a city many tourists skip. They only use it as a hub to get to their safari destination. However, it’s worth spending a bit more time here; it’s safe and edgy and there are plenty of places to visit!

Stay: We will select the perfect place to stay for you. There are so many little neighbourhoods that it’s depending on your preferences where it’s best to stay. Get pampered in one of the iconic hotels in town or enjoy a quirky few nights while getting out and about.

Do: Our favourite is a cycling tour through SoWeTo, the largest Township of South Africa.  Or embark on an urban safari, visiting street art together with a local artist in the upcoming and trendy Maboneng precinct. If you prefer to do something more serious, the Apartheidsmuseum gives you a intriguing and emotional insight of the Apartheids-era. All of these activities can be arranged with your private guide.


Good vibes in Maboneng

Day 8 – 11 Safari Time!

When you go to South Africa, you cannot miss out on a safari. Or two, or three. But let’s start with just one example of what your safari could look like. Either pick up your rental car and drive in the direction of the Kruger Park or book a flight straight into one of the private game reserves. A private game reserve? Bordering the Kruger Park there are a lot of private game reserves with exclusive lodges on private land. There are no fences between the private reserves and the Kruger Park allowing animals to move freely. Only guests of the lodges in the private reserves can traverse on this land. This means a lot of wildlife, and very few guests. An exclusive wildlife experience.

Stay: Definitely in one of the private game reserves. Depending on your budget, your preferences and time of travel we will select the absolute best for you.

Do: Safari! And maybe a few spa treatments in the afternoons. And enjoy the food, there will be a lot of amazing dishes presented to you during your stay….

Ngala Safari Lodge

Depending on what you are looking for we select the best safari lodge or camp for you.

Day 11 – ??

Fly to the Kalahari where you will find a completely different safari experience. Or take a flight to Mozambique, where you will find the ultimate beach bliss….

Mozambique beach bliss

Mozambique, a true paradise.

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