Mozambique is the ideal destination to relax and unwind after an energetic safari. Whether you go to Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe or South Africa; it’s easy to fly (or even drive) to the beautiful coast of Mozambique.

Untouched, unspoiled and super friendly. That’s how we would describe this part of the world. Mozambique has a beautiful coastline, so remote and so unique. Whether you stay on the mainland or fly to one of the islands, we can guarantee you that your beach holiday is everything you expected and more. A few of the most pristine dive spots in the world can be found off the coast of Mozambique, and every year in summer you have a chance of swimming with manta rays and whale sharks! You need to select your traveling period and destination carefully to meet these magnificent creatures but we can help you of course!

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  • The Safari Concierge selects the right areas and stays suited to your mood and budget.
  • Keen on getting up close  and personal with the amazing whale sharks? We know where to go, where to stay and when to travel!
  • Whether you are keen for some adventure and drive into Mozambique or you want to live it up and fly in; we have been there, done that. Let us take you on the right route.
  • A family house, romantic beach cottage or backpacker lodge; we have done it all and always look for the best price-quality ratio.

    A land where seafood, sun, peri-peri and 2M are a compulsory mix…


Contact us if you want to know more about us or if you want The Safari Concierge to design the perfect itinerary for you. We are ready and waiting.


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