Namibia, an African sky

I remember my first safari in Namibia, I can still feel the cold red sands of the Sossusvlei sliding between my toes and the sheer sense of amazement of the view at dawn. Every day was a new experience, a new moment of discovery and an eye-opening revelation in many ways. Continue reading “Namibia, an African sky”


Traveling with a baby…

Time to travel? While in the past that meant a twenty minute collective of what was needed, what were carry on essentials and what was the maximum you could squeeze into a 20kg checked bag…oh how things have changed! Continue reading “Traveling with a baby…”


Family safaris – the ultimate hit list in South Africa

Family travel changes things, regardless of what anyone tells you! From packing to daily routine, adjusting on the go and keeping your little one (s) well rested makes the journey smoother and easier to enjoy.

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Botswana’s safari magic

Recognized as one of Africa’s iconic wildlife destinations, Botswana has more to offer than meets the eye. Undeniably it’s crown jewel, the Okavango delta is a rich paradise teaming with varied wildlife, landscapes and safari opportunities and sits on the tip of every safari planners tongue, but just south of the delta lies a wildlife playing field few travel to and most don’t hear about…Deception Valley.

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Five South African gems

In South-Africa, you will never stop exploring. Simon, being born and raised in this amazing country, is still discovering new and amazing places to stay. From fly-fishing cottages to houses on the beach and family friendly safari stays (yes, now that we are a family it’s time to expand our horizons).

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