Beach, bush and berg…South Africa’s safari revisited!

Safaris in South Africa generally slant to the Kruger park and the northern region, and more recently to areas in the eastern cape where newly established reserves have quickly gained market share and compete against the more traditional safari names.

South Africa’s safari experiences aren’t only limited to the larger land mammals and wild Big 5 with some pretty spectacular marine and coastal regions as well as magnificent mountains and peaks – but what does that have to do with safaris you might ask?

A journey of discovery in a land of diversity, cultural immersion and landscapes which sometimes make you wonder where you are. In the heart of Kwazulu Natal, the home to famed national parks like Imfolozi & Hluhluwe, a new generation of reserves have emerged. Community owned, privately run or public parks intertwine this once heavily grazed, farmed landscape. The biodiversity and richness of wildlife species is astounding and just a stones throw away you’ll find a coastline to match…warm waters and rich sea life provide a unique combination for plentifulness.

Whether you are a diver or just enjoy snorkeling, the north coast has something for everyone…gentle rock pools for kids to explore, big waves for the surfing fanatics and several unique amazing dive spots. The coastline just south of Mozambique is largely inaccessible but with strong community partnerships luxury beach lodges such as Rocktail Beach Lodge or Tonga have become renowned for delivering amazing turtle watching, diving with manta’s and snorkeling with dolphins.

Home to some of the largest vegetated dunes in the world, the St Lucia wetlands reserve combines your desire for beach and bush – all packed into one.

A conservation success story reveals a now thriving reserve which was once pineapple plantations…now returned to nature. Home to iconic species like cheetah and black rhino, as well as all the rest of Africa’s named wildlife, Phinda prides itself on informative unique bush experiences by skilled and qualified guides…all while enjoying some classic comforts and high end accommodations.

A holiday experience that’s delved you into the most amazing diving and endless beaches, followed by Phinda’s all round classic safari can only be complemented by a stop over in the Drankensberg mountains. We have a little hidden gem, which brings community life, farm style living and a bit of bush all in one…mid way between Durban’s coast and the highveld is a home away from home. Filled with historic tours of battles gone by, mountains to explore and hike, morning tracking wildlife and all surrounded by warm, unique hospitality that makes this the cream of the crop.

Finish off in the bustling vibrant city of Johannesburg to round off you trip allows some retail therapy, amazing restaurants and some iconic history to complete your trip…this is all a side to South Africa most people don’t see.

If you’ve ‘been there & done that’ why not try our version of a South African safari experience…unique, diverse and always changing – the way adventures are meant to be.


A different safari

When you think ‘safari’  and ‘South Africa’  you probably think ‘Kruger’. Or one of the bigger reserves in the north of the country. What a lot of people don’t know (and that is great – let’s keep it like that!) is that there are so many beautiful wildlife areas in the KwaZulu-Natal province, one of them being the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. Easy to combine with some beach time in Durban or with an active hike in the Drakensberg, this area is know for its abundance of wildlife and lack of tourists. Continue reading “A different safari”


Family travel essentials

Once back from our family holiday to South Africa, we decided to put our learnings into action and did some research on travel essentials we missed during our first trip. In this story we will share our favourite travel products with you. Take note! Continue reading “Family travel essentials”


Bucketlist: Bisate Lodge

#1 Wishlist Alert: Bisate Lodge in Rwanda

It might not only be Rwanda’s most beautifully designed luxury retreat, if you ask us it’s one of the best places in the whole of Africa to immerse in a total wildlife and nature experience.First of all; when you go to Rwanda it’s because you want to see the gorillas. At least, that is something that applies to most of the travelers. Yes, the prices for the permits here are much (read; twice the price) higher than those in neighboring Uganda but that also means that a permit is easier to get ánd you don’t have to share the gorillas with as many humans as in Uganda. And that is of utmost importance, because there are only 700 mountain gorillas remaining on this earth. Most of them are living far away from human reach and only a small amount of them can be tracked and observed by small numbers of visitors under the strict and watchful eyes of the park rangers. Continue reading “Bucketlist: Bisate Lodge”


Traveling with a baby.

Time to travel? While in the past that meant a twenty minute collective of what was needed, what were carry on essentials and what was the maximum you could squeeze into a 20kg checked bag…oh how things have changed! Continue reading “Traveling with a baby.”


Family Safari’s South Africa

Family travel changes things, regardless of what anyone tells you! From packing to daily routine, adjusting on the go and keeping your little one (s) well rested makes the journey smoother and easier to enjoy.

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Botswana’s safari magic

Recognized as one of Africa’s iconic wildlife destinations, Botswana has more to offer than meets the eye. Undeniably it’s crown jewel, the Okavango delta is a rich paradise teaming with varied wildlife, landscapes and safari opportunities and sits on the tip of every safari planners tongue, but just south of the delta lies a wildlife playing field few travel to and most don’t hear about…Deception Valley.

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Namibia, an African sky

I remember my first safari in Namibia, I can still feel the cold red sands of the Sossusvlei sliding between my toes and the sheer sense of amazement of the view at dawn. Every day was a new experience, a new moment of discovery and an eye-opening revelation in many ways. Continue reading “Namibia, an African sky”


Five South African gems

In South-Africa, you will never stop exploring. Simon, being born and raised in this amazing country, is still discovering new and amazing places to stay. From fly-fishing cottages to houses on the beach and family friendly safari stays (yes, now that we are a family it’s time to expand our horizons).

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