We are more than just friendly advise, we are your guide to experiencing the best safari ever. We help you plan your ultimate safari, we advice you and draw up an itinerary for you. We help you to make the right choices. With years of experience in the tourism industry and in the bush we have many connections, and we can offer safari journeys for every budget.

  • You send us your preferences and questions. Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience? Who are you traveling with? What is your budget? When do you want to travel?
  • If we need more information, one of us will get in touch with you. Email, Skype, WhatsApp…. however you prefer.
  • We send you a short, clear agreement which states that we will create your itinerary for you, at a charge. This charge varies depending on the ‘complexity’ of your booking, number of people traveling and the destinations you chose. Seems fair to us and fair for you.
  • Once you have agreed and we have all the information we need from you,we will start working on your safari.
  • Your itinerary is sent to you and we will give you a call to talk you through it. The safari document comes with all the necessary details of all our partners so you can book your safari in a heartbeat, without having to involve travel agents and thus avoid markups and high commission fees.
  • Payment is due within two weeks of receiving your safari itinerary.
  • We can’t wait to hear your travel stories – share them with us during your trip or after!
  • The above process repeats itself for your next safari, of course.

Contact us now to start planning your perfect safari!

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