Glamping….such a much used term nowadays. How would you describe it? Staying in a luxurious tent with fairy lights hanging outside and proper beds to sleep on? Sleeping with a canvas between yourself and nature without having to rough it up and sleeping on an air mattress?

Well, let us tell you what it means here at The Safari Concierge because we seek those safari’s that are special in their own unique way. Preferably spending the night in a canvas tent so there is just a very thin fabric wall between yourself and the bush.  And you can wake up with the sounds of the African bush. For us, that already qualifies as glamping. Something so unique, so touching that the luxury is defined by the experience only. The best is: you have these experiences available to every traveler with every budget.

Extra special are those nights spent in a starbed. That is what we call glamping 2.0
Imagine begin whisked away to an area that is just a little further away than your standard neighbours’ tent. Where you don’t hear anyone else but your own voice. Raised on a platform, so you don’t have to worry about nightmare endings to this magical experience. Enjoy a comfy bed, a blanket of stars and of course, good company. This might be just the most magical night of your life… right?!

Our five favourite starbeds

(but we can find many many more – just tell us what you are looking for)

The Malori at Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa

The first starbed we ever experienced stays in our memory forever. Tswalu Kalahari is one of the best safari experiences in South Africa, a place where the rhythm of your day is determined by the rhythm of the bush and where you will find an abundance of wildlife and very few people you have to share this with. Leave your super comfortable suite for one night and enjoy a night out….under the stars.

Tswalu Game Reserve. Southern Kalahari. Northern Cape. South Africa.

Little Kulala, Sossusvlei, Namibia

Namibia is famous for stargazing and where to do this better than in the most spectacular sand dunes in the world? When you stay at Little Kulala you are the first one going to the top of the famous dunes, one of the reasons we love staying here. Another reason are the starbeds atop every kulala for exquisite stargazing and a spectacular nights’ rest.


Nay Palad Birds Nest at Segera Retreat, Kenya

You might have never considered spending the night in a birds nest but we are sure this will completely make you change your mind. The vast and diverse Laikipia Plateau in Kenya is home to many (endangered) species and a few incredibly designed safari lodges. One of them being Segera Retreat. And next to the river, where wildlife comes for a drink almost 24/7, you will find the architectural masterpiece; the Nay Palad Birds Nest. You’ll have a fully equipped bathroom, a very comfy bedroom and the Kenyan wilderness to yourself.

KE - Segera Retreat - Bird Nest.jpg

Ruckomechi, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools in Zimbabwe is an area teeming with wildlife. The water attracts all sort and shapes of animals and the ‘armchair safari’ has been invented here. Ruckomechi in Mana Pools is a Wilderness Safaris camp and one of the best. A night on the raised deck with mosquito netting and a canopy over the bed will be a night to remember. The private dinner that is being served under the stars is absolutely delicious. An unforgettable experience for sure.

ZW - Ruckomechi Camp - Treehouse.jpg

Tinyeleti Treehouse, Lion Sands, South Africa

The Tinyeleti Treehouse, which aptly translates to ‘Many Stars’ is an unforgettable overnight experience that has no match. After your gamedrive, you will watch the sun set beyond the horizon and while sipping on a glass of bubbly more and more animals arrive at the river to quench their thirst. The deck is over 50m2 and offers a sweet suite stay under a blanket of stars.



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