Once back from our family holiday to South Africa, we decided to put our learnings into action and did some research on travel essentials we missed during our first trip. In this story we will share our favourite travel products with you. Take note!

The Babyzen Yoyo 6+

Traveling with a pram is necessary when traveling with a little one. Airports become long and heavy otherwise, and shoppingmalls not so much fun. We brought our fancy Cybex Priam along on our first trip, only to discover it was taking up a huge amount of space, wasn’t used too much and when we really needed it (at the airport) we had to check it as luggage. Right. So much for that fancy pram. With jealous eyes we were looking at some smart travellers using a pram that could collaps into a little package, the ease!

The Babyzen Yoyo folds and unfolds, is carried like a big and is one hand driving, fits just about anywhere, is easily stored and can be taken as hand luggage! (source: Babyzen)

We purchased a Babyzen Yoyo 6+ in the new color Ginger, threw it in the back of the car and have been happily using it ever since. Whether it’s a citytrip, a short-break or going out of town for dinner. Hello new friend!

More information can be found on the website of Babyzen. 

A mobile baby gate

We book a lot of our stays via Airbnb. Which means that you stay in privately owned houses. With stairs. Not all of them have baby gates; stairs can be steep and babies are quick! We purchased a mobile travel gate. Easy to take with and to put up. It’s nice to be able to drink a glass of South African wine without having to worry about accidents!

Babydan produces easy on the go baby gates.

Air Traveller from Deryan

When you have a long flight ahead, and your baby is still allowed to sit on your lap (no extra seat necessary), the Deryan Air Traveller comes in very handy!

The mattress easily fits in your hand luggage and consists of: a sheet for the mattress, a blanket attached to that and two inflatable mattresses. You can then use it as a seat or as a bed, super easy and it prevents from arms or legs going numb when having a baby sleeping on your lap!

Go to the website of Deryan for more information

Travel Cot

Our baby loves her routine. When we left for our first big holiday she was only 6 months old. And since we were moving places a lot during that holiday, we decided to hunt for an easy and compact travel cot that we could put up for her wherever we were. The Babybjorn light travel cot is worth every penny! It’s so easy to travel with, and even easier to put up. Whether we are having visitors with a baby at home or traveling with our little one; Babybjorn travels with us!

Babybjorn Travel Cot Light

More information about the travel cot can be found on the website of Babybjorn.

Is a family getaway an item on your bucket list? Have a look at what we have to offer or contact us directly for a proposal tailor-made for you!

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