Family travel changes things, regardless of what anyone tells you! From packing to daily routine, adjusting on the go and keeping your little one (s) well rested makes the journey smoother and easier to enjoy.

Traveling from the Netherlands to South Africa for the first time was an exciting adventure, and with all the excitement was a fair amount of hidden anxiety / nerves.

Late arrivals into family bliss..

With a full day of travels, we arrived at The Cape Grace around 01:00 in the morning. Normally that would be matched with a glass of wine, shower and bed. But when traveling with a seven month old, the priority is to settle Ella and get her to sleep. Anxious to do so, our check in was swift and smooth. We arrived into a room not only packed with luxury but dress to match the most well prepared home of a seven month old. Room turn downs take time, but what the Cape Grace undertakes is beyond the imagination. From the beautiful baby bed dressed with towel, baby bib and arrival gifts to the sterilizer, changing mat, bath divider, soaps, creams, bottle brushes etc etc etc.

The simple truth is The Cape Grace is hard to beat, backed with the most outstanding ethic of service, exceptional hospitality and warm friendly and tentative staff that make this our number one choice in Cape Town.

Head east to the magic of De Hoop Nature reserve

From the moment you see the ocean, your world changes…it is a world committed to you, and not suffocated by over the top unnecessary service but well timed, professional and friendly hospitality. An introduction to Ocean house includes meeting the whole team, a walk through the kitchen which is always open and accessible, all the facilities and different areas you have full access to. The team is always available and tentative to all your needs and more…a sort of predictive hospitality – unmatchable!

The setting is breathtaking – overlooking the ocean at a distance only a few hundred meters away. Surrounded by beautiful fynbos, engulfed by clear coastal air and lapped in luxury.

Delicious food and wine, treats, sundowners and a most magical sunset bath of sorts – nick named the Dutch bath it is simply not to be missed.

An exclusive experience at Ocean house is unique with a team of 12 staff committed to its guests. Romantic, adventurous, luxurious and elegant it is definitely not to be missed.

Where conservation and farm life collide

Its a place which is difficult to comprehend fully until you arrive and in an instant it makes sense…something which cannot be read on a website or brochure. It is home in every sense but filled with committed staff which are there to meet and accommodate your needs. With a high focus on horse experiences in the bush, the team are flexible enough to meet different adventures depending on the guests – from trail running, horse back safaris, game drives, walking, outdoor dining etc etc. the reserve is child friendly as it has no introduced lion or elephant but is home to leopard, buffalo and white rhino.

After the drive in, we entered the Waterberg valley and as we arrived in camp were greeted by a train of horses roaming back to the stables, unique to see unsaddled horses free roaming in a nature reserve of 5000 hectares. Stepping out the car and greeted by the owner Ant and his side kick, Ralf – a black Labrador.

Wildlife, horses and dogs … a dream matched for animal lovers.

This is bush veld luxury of a different kind, offering flexibility and comfort – at Ants the focus lies in the experience and not solely on your room and board. The team are friendly, tentative and helpful, and paired with a homely relaxed atmosphere its a dream to wake up to. Ants Nest has six rooms with varying sizes and flexibly for families and friends and is often used exclusively.

The Waterberg region is a current strong hold for rhino conservation, and a trip to Ants will not only change your life or perhaps the way you view it but also help in protecting a heavily persecuted species.

South Africa has so much to be discovered, but if your after a taste of the city, sea and safari then a combination of The Cape Grace, Morukuru Ocean House and a Ants Nest will definitely tick all the boxes…especially when traveling with a mini.

Want to travel to South Africa? With the family, your partner or a group of friends? Have a look at our South Africa page or contact us directly. 


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