Recognized as one of Africa’s iconic wildlife destinations, Botswana has more to offer than meets the eye. Undeniably it’s crown jewel, the Okavango delta is a rich paradise teaming with varied wildlife, landscapes and safari opportunities and sits on the tip of every safari planners tongue, but just south of the delta lies a wildlife playing field few travel to and most don’t hear about…Deception Valley.

During the summer months of November through to April, light rains touch the ancient river plains running through this desert landscape and transform it overnight into a green oasis teaming with wildlife.

Bat-eared foxes, cheetah, springbok and black maned lions highlighting a few, jackal, honey badger, gemsbok and ostrich to top off the list. The kalahari is far more than this, home to a harsh landscape almost inhospitable yet aptly so to the Bushman who’ve learnt to live off the land and understand its great riches and diversity.

The dark summer skyline plays the perfect backdrop to nature’s theatre and as the warm golden light fills the forefront everything pops to life….rich green, dynamic reds, yellows and refreshing blue; it is a natural kaleidoscope crowned off with a rainbow from east to west.

The rainy season in Botswana is almost nil and void as this is a desert environment with low rain fall annually. Summer storms roll in late afternoons and create an amazing dark backdrop for any safari travelers and even more so for those fanatical photographers.

As a once in a lifetime destination, the Okavango Delta shouldn’t be missed, and offers a great combination to the Kalahari region…from open sandy plains that are vast and never ending while the clear fresh waterways bend and wind through the green oasis.

The possible diversity of a safari in Botswana is vast, and careful thought should be given before ‘jumping in bed’ with the first glitz and glamour luxury camp you find…a great safari isn’t measured only by the cost of the bed but more the value of the experience.

Good guides, great wildlife, dynamic scenery and days filled with mind blowing experiences should be the criteria…surrounded by nature and encapsulated by the imagination!

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