I remember my first safari in Namibia, I can still feel the cold red sands of the Sossusvlei sliding between my toes and the sheer sense of amazement of the view at dawn. Every day was a new experience, a new moment of discovery and an eye-opening revelation in many ways.It’s a land of sheer vastness…endless horizons, never ending sand dunes, a rolling coastline where sands encroach…it is a desert after all. But Namibia is vastly more than this, filled with dynamic rich wildlife, unique creatures found only here and a diverse cultural history. Without any of these Namibia just wouldnt be the same.

I have been lucky enough to see and do a lot of what Namibia has on offer, but you need a lifetime to cover it all! Hot air ballooning, climbing dramatic dunes, kayaking, quad biking, tracking black rhino on foot, actually sleeping under the stars and falling asleep listening to lions call in the distance – that’s quite rare in this remote desert corner of Africa.

Of all of these experiences, there are two which stand out almost shadowing their counterparts…so simple but so life changing they claim my top two in Namibia:

The simplicity of the silence under the wrapped starry night in the vast north Skeleton Coast reserve – it was deafening to the ear, simply nothing to be heard.

Sunset on the west coast with fresh caught fish and a cold Windhoek Lager to wash it down, good conversation and the warmth from the wood burning fire: a sunset never to be forgotten.
You see, Namibia has it all to offer, regardless of your flavour, style of travel or sense of adventure but it comes down to magical moments which are truly once in a lifetime.
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